“Love, Love, Love” – Thank you Europe for playing my new single!!!

Here are the stations playing “Love, Love, Love”
Belgium: Radio Landsmeer/Landslide Show, Radio Purnerend/Landslide Show, Radiomol 102.5/New Music Show, Roots Paradise/Landslide Show, Rootstime.be/New Music Show
Czech Republic: Rebel Radio Brod/New Music
Germany: Country Music News International, Oldenburg Eins/Frankies Country Corner
Holland: Alt Country Forum, Big L/Night Jock Show, Dollard Radio/Radio Girl Show, Havenstad/Country File Show, Radio Enkhuiben/Night Jock Show, Radio Lelystad/Night Jock Show, Radio Seagull/Lizzie’s Show & Night Jock Show, RTV Ijsselmond/Roots Show, Rucphen FM/Evening Show, The Country Start Front Page, Total Rock/House of Mercy Show, Venture Radio/Lynnie’s Show, Venture Radio/Shaz’s Show
Ireland: RTE/Nessymon Show
Italy: Radio Voice Spacio/Highway 61 Show
Macedonia: Radio 2/Alt Mojo Show
UK: Bracknell Forest/House of Mercy Show, BRFM/Friday Afternoon Show & Blues Show, Cambridge 105/Roots Rock Show,
Clown Podcast, CMR Nashville/Blues Show, Bunoon Community Radio/Country Show, Eaba FM, Friday Afternoon Show. Free Phoenix/House of Mercy Show, Frome FM/Afternoon Show, Havenstad/Folk Show, Hospital Radio Midway/The Blues Show, Hounds Tooth/House of Mercy Show, Nevis Radio/C List, Radio HBW/Folk Show, Radio Seagull/House of Mercy Show, Red Sands Radio/Light, Tank Radio/House of Mercy Show, Tempo FM/Shaz’s Show, West Fife/Afternoon Show, Wildman Steve/House of Mercy Show
Slovenia: Euro Radio/Folk Show

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