Music is my lifeline. It allows emotion – wills me to smile, lets me cry or asks me to
dance. It’s a way of expression. It’s a way to tell a story. That’s what I am…a story teller.
My life has always been about music. Oh, and I like baseball, too! –Leigh Loyd

To know Leigh Loyd is to know a vibrant, spunky and passionate young woman. The
Kentucky-born Nashville transplant is focused on her career, education and making her
mark on this world. Her debut CD is appropriately named, Positively Leigh. The songs
were carefully selected to represent both the artistic and ethical values of this Country/
Christian singer. She teamed up with veteran producer, Preston Sullivan, to ensure her
standards were met. The end result is a collection of tunes that encompasses life’s ups
and downs and lessons learned.

Leigh started playing piano at age eight. Soon she started taking voice lessons. “That is
when I found a deep love for singing,” Leigh says of her developing musical interests.

In 2010, after graduating high school, Leigh moved from Paducah, Kentucky to
Nashville, Tennessee to attend Belmont University. That year she enrolled in an intensive
acting program at the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. “I’ve always had a love
for the stage. It’s where I feel most at home. I spent four weeks in New York City, and
loved every minute of it! Everything I was doing, seeing and participating in was fueling
my desire to be an artist.”

Today, Leigh is surrounded by the sounds of artists she admires and emulates. “I love
the new and different sounds coming out of Nashville today, especially The Band Perry
and Edens Edge. I like what Taylor is doing lyrically. I can relate, as most any female
can, to her and her songs,” she explains. “I know it’s kind of odd for a female singer to
be influenced by a male, but I love Luke Bryan! He has so much fun with his music. He’s
a great entertainer. I want to have fun (doing this).”

Leigh comes from a loving family with strong emotional support. My brother and I were
adopted at birth and are both advocates of Show Hope, a non-profit organization founded
by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth Chapman. It gives families in the
U.S. financial aid to adopt orphans all over the World to be placed in a forever home.”

Yes, Leigh Loyd is like most young women her age. She loves shopping, has a passion
for hats and anything that sparkles. She’s an avid supporter of her home state’s basketball
team, the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Most sunny days you’ll see her riding around
town, too, with the windows rolled down, blonde hair blowing in the breeze and singing
her favorite songs. Those favorite songs are finally from her dream come true: Positively